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Among many qualities of the personality making her identity, qualities of intelligence (mind have essential value. They are shown in features of cerebration of the person, in specifics of his mental capacities. Mental capacities represent set of the certain qualities characterizing thinking of this person. Treat such qualities of mind: inquisitiveness, keenness, thought depth, flexibility and mobility of mind, logicality, substantiality, criticality of thinking, etc.

The dynamic lines inherent in the individual, internally among themselves, make a peculiar structure. peculiar, prirodno caused set of dynamic manifestations of mentality is also called as temperament of the person.

The personality, being the subject of system of the valid relations with society, with groups in which she is an, it cannot be concluded only in the certain closed in an organic body of the individual, and itself in space of the mezhindividny relations. The individual not in itself, but processes of interpersonal interaction and which are included at least two individuals (and the community, group, kollekt, can be considered as manifestation of the identity of each of participants of this interaction.

Inquisitiveness is understood as aspiration of the person to recognize that new what he meets in life, in work, in study. Inquisitive call the person seeking to learn any subject, an event versatily to understand basically, the phenomena and the reasons earlier not known to it.

The natural, organic parties and lines exist in structure of identity of the human person as the caused her elements. Natural (anatomic, physiological and others qualities of N the social form unity and cannot be mechanically opposed each other as independent substructures of the personality.

Determination is an ability of the personality quickly and elaborately to choose the purpose and to define ways of its achievement. The resolute person is capable to reject at the right time all fluctuations and doubts and firmly to stop on a specific goal or to choose means of its realization.

The endurance (or self-control) is understood as strong-willed property of the personality which is reflected in ability to constrain the physical and mental manifestations (acts, emotions) disturbing to achievement of the purpose. The endurance is especially necessary in the difficult, extreme conditions menacing to health and human life, his honor, advantage, etc.