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After sale stimulants are defined. Development of various performing versions of decisions on introduction of the chosen stimulant in life is made. Gets out of the developed options one the most acceptable and economic.

Stationery from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia will drive further out of the market production. Goods, excellent on all indicators, for an will take a worthy place on and regiments of our at numerous offices and offices.

The department of data collection and processing - is engaged in data collection and processing about the market of stationery, about competitors, about quality and the price of competitive production, about the volume of demand for goods, about change of sales volumes. Research of change in requirements of the population. Carries out the analysis of competitiveness of goods. Provides necessary information in a planning department.

In this academic year project sales promotion of the stationery of Probyuro firm which is on different phases of life cycle, and also various methods applied at stimulation of their sale will be considered. The purpose of this academic year project leaning on theoretical bases of marketing to make technology of process of sales promotion in Probyuro firm.

The consumer, undoubtedly, possesses the greatest importance. All of marketing is reduced to a on the consumer. The wide range of methods of stimulation of a was created for the only purpose - the most effective way ­ the consumer to goods and to its inquiries.

Then if the project admits economic and effective, there comes time of introduction of the project in structure of sale of goods. The organization of sales promotion and informing participants of the market (consumers, the intermediary about stimulation measures.

Sales promotion process goods always begins with collection of information about the market of goods, about competitors and their production about a segmentirovannost. Behind that the obtained data are exposed to the analysis. Market condition of these goods is analyzed. Is defined the main short basic data relating to goods, the market, the consumer and competitive production. Factors of the environment operating on sale of goods are defined. The present provision of these goods in the market is defined.

For development of technology of sales promotion of a stationery we use functional and structural approach. Functional and structural approach is method of creation of technology of any process. This method surely includes definition of essential signs and distinctive properties.

Control of carrying out planned actions is exercised. Check of profitability of the planned actions is carried out by carrying out tests before sales promotion; thus some outlets get out and sale before stimulation is analyzed.

Sale stimulation, to try it new ­, facilitates acquaintance with it. Growth of sales is promoted by a of the special trial prices, offers of samples, payment by installments, providing quantity of goods and.

Further the chosen option is once again studied in more detail. Its form, the contents and registration is thought over. Define what resources are necessary for its performance and expenses on carrying out the project are planned.