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In the highest ped. to school gain recognition the individual. technologies on the basis of the personal computer. Due to creation uniform the individual. spaces there was an opportunity to reduce time for classroom occupation. Information and computer support.

In. HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS on the basis of standard educational structure try to develop creative identity, without being engaged in it as that. From here, there is nbkh-oh a development of the personal focused technology. educations.

Ananyev B. G., Bekhterev V. M., Vygotsky L. S., Rubenstein S. L., Leontyev A. N., etc. sought to synthesize knowledge of the person, to connect methods of various sciences, to develop rather complete understanding of the person on the basis of an integrated approach to the solution of its problems.

Developing the concept. educations recognized that its structural and substantial and procedural components there do not correspond natural D teachers, since yet. is also mass and creative but if it mass, she demands rather standard control system, the organization, design. And creativity assumes creation of opportunities for self-realization of the identity of each teacher.

Features and possibilities of education can be revealed by consideration of fundamental philosophical problems: for example, problems of gegelevsky treatment of the nature of education which is under construction on the basis of understanding individual "I" as implanted in the general.

subjektivization of general experience and knowledge in it is unique the single forms "ya" and forms of self-knowledge, Gegelevsky interpretation of education as alienations of the nature of life and raising of the individual to generality assumes:

"There is one general for all the born bent on which can always count education is that we call a nationality. The education based by the people and on the national beginnings has the grandiose educational force which is not present in educational systems which are founded on abstract ideas or on traditions of others people".

Wednesday - the localized public relation, microsociety. But the child and Wednesday do not resist each other since the child - the member of the environment and lives in it. The child selectively treats influences of the environment. The child - an active being.

Despite the wide range of integration nbkh-my knowledge, they do not give vision of the person in unity of all composed its lives yet. The device of science is not sufficient for understanding of human nature yet. Complexity of problems of the person demands synthesis and integration in a theoretical design of various fields of knowledge with their conceptual frameworks. It is possible to construct a complete image of the person, having opened fundamental features his activity, unique lines of his life, its human nature.

He wrote: "In system of communications of people that is studied by science as a product of biological evolution, as subject and object of historical process (personality) as the natural individual with the genotipichisky program of development and range of variability. Researches of the person as main production force of society, subject of work, subject of knowledge, communication and management, as education subject have extremely important value".

The anthropology has long background: nbkh-st judgments of a human nature, creation of science about the person, as a special phenomenon. The problem of the person always was and remains main in the history of human thought.

The value of the person - efficiency of his social functioning (a set of its social roles, active inclusion in the solution of socially significant tasks) => the Complete person is considered through a prism social orientations.

The person in a belly of mother reproduces all history of physical development of our animal ancestors, but also after the birth at the person more ancient brain, which motility paleokinetic, in the childhood at it a new brain and a neokinetic motility (direct gait, the speech, possession of a hand) prevails in the beginning. Preschool children - normal development, the school student - the diploma, sciences.

The science long since seeks to understand the person in all his intrinsic manifestations and the vital relations. Scientists formulate the system of representations and concepts about the person staticizing the principle, har-shchiya of the person as a measure of all things.