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Introduction to programming and computer science

At institute the safe all-weather, not demanding any external power sources chemical light sources are developed. Their action is based on chemical reaction of components of the hemilyuminestsentny system accompanied with emission of light. Color of a luminescence can be green, red, orange, blue or close to

The Chemical Light Source (CLS) represents the tight transparent plastic tube containing the painted solution and glass ampoules with other solutions: bending of a tube before destruction of ampoules and stirring leads it to mixture of solutions and immediate initiation of a luminescence. The compounding of HIS is ecologically safe both at storage, and at utilization of the fulfilled HIS with household or industrial wastes.

It is intended for automatic control of air for the purpose of detection of vapors of fosfororganichesky connections (FOS) in it. The device is intended for equipment of both mobile, and stationary objects.

The transport loading car is intended for transportation of NURS, loading and discharge of the launcher. TZM is collected on the chassis of the truck of the increased passability and has the cargo handling device.

The shaking part of the launcher has 30 directing pipes for NURS installed in the general case with a cradle through an axis of pins she unites to levers of a rotary platform. Guidance of the launcher on the purpose in the horizontal and vertical planes is made by the power watching drives.

The fighting vehicle predstalyat itself the launcher mounted on the tank chassis. It consists of the chassis, a rotary platform with the shaking part of the launcher, the power watching drives and control systems of fire.

Installation is reliable, convenient and easy-to-work also service, provides necessary efficiency of processing both water, and special solutions in combination with application of various operating modes.

Replacement of the decontaminating compounding comes from working capacity under the influence of the excessive pressure created by a small barrel with compressed air or the gas-generating device. If necessary connection of a source of a high pressure of the most processed object of VVT or the manual automobile pump is possible. The quantity of autonomous sources of pressure in a set of each independent onboard device provides full special processing of external surfaces of standard object of VVT of 50 sq.m with one device at it

The main activities of the enterprises of NGO which are based on the saved-up scientific and technical potential, on experimental bench base, as a rule, unique and often not having world analogs, on the created technological reserve, are: laser equipment of new generation (key technologies, elements, systems and complexes); a large-size teleskopostroyeniye on the basis of means of adaptive optics; optics of high-power lasers; laser, optical and fiber sensitive elements, measuring and information systems; solar power engineering; laser and optical medical instrument making.

The developed samples in comparison with earlier accepted on supply have the best technical and operational indicators and provide more comfortable conditions of stay of staff in shelters and mobile objects.

tank and constructive characteristics of a tangential nozzle. Device operating time - not less than 4 min. Completely equipped device weighing no more than 15 kg can be placed as inside, and outside of objects of VVT.