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Development of the social sphere (science, education, health care, culture) causes satisfaction of social requirements of the population, promotes development of intelligence of the nation, influences economic health of society and so on.

In the country it is possible to judge a standard of living and on a ratio of provided and poor segments of the population. In world practice distinguish two main forms of poverty: the absolute – in the absence of the income necessary for ensuring the minimum vital needs of the personality or a family, and relative – when the income does not exceed 40-60% of the average income on strane.0mezhstranovoye comparison of poverty has conditional character owing to the unequal base (the minimum living level) which is been the basis for calculation of a threshold of poverty.

The STANDARD OF LIVING is a complex social and economic category which reflects a level of development of physical, spiritual and social needs, degree of their satisfaction and a condition in societies for development and satisfaction of these potrednostey.0

Economic indicators characterize the economic party of activity of society, economic opportunities of satisfaction of his requirements. Here it is possible to carry the indicators characterizing the level of economic development of society and welfare of the population (the nominal and real income, employment, etc.)

Characterizing health care conditions, it must be kept in mind both its results, and the used means, namely, not only number of hospital beds, but also all medical equipment – all fixed assets of health care, and not only number of doctors, but also all medical personnel, including average and younger.

Quantitative and quality indicators are of great importance for the characteristic of a standard of living. Quantitative determine the volume of consumption of concrete material benefits and services, and qualitative – the qualitative party of welfare of the population.

Standard of living – degree of satisfaction of material, spiritual and social needs of the population. But it is necessary to consider that the standard of living is a dynamic process which is affected by a set of factors.

The standard of living is defined by system of indicators, each of which gives an idea of any one party of activity of the person. There is a classification of indicators by separate signs: the general and private; economic and social and demographic; objective and subjective; cost and natural; quantitative and qualitative; indicators of proportions and structure of consumption; statistics and other 0